Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ahh jealousy.

As an African-American member of the scene population, I must attest my jealousy of those of the Caucasian persuasion! It is sooooooo hard I tell you to do your hair and make it all spiffy and cool for you all.
I mean, I have to wrap it, apply african oil, etc, etc!!!! And it is soooooo thick tooo!!!

Anyways, nothing much to do today, just got done with school and all, listening to music and playing on my compuuuuter :) other than that i am not doing a thing. Ohhhhhhhh!! And me and my boyfriend have a DATE SATURDAYYYY!!!!!!! I am absolutely ecstatic!!!!!!

Oh well, got homework to do!

Love you guys!


Song of the moment: Good Girls Gone Bad - Cobra Starship

Epic scene hairrrrr!!!

Okayyyy, this is Riley Rampage here, I just signed up for this blogger thingy, cool huh? Well, anyway, I have noticed that there is been a lot of haters lately, hating on us scene kids? Well FUCK THEM!

In return, I will post sexy scene hair!

Thats right hater bitches! Scene is here to stay.
We proclaim our independence from your conforming cultures.
We are here forever.